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Elliot Spitzer is back in politics, running for comptroller of NYC. Wall street hates this– so I love the idea. He has a new book out that is free on Kindle. Get it.

As JFK remarked, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

The U.S. has been, for a long time, granting asylum to three Latin Americans–two financial criminals and one terrorist–but now demand that no Latin American country grant same to Edward Snowden. I would like to hear Obama’s justification and/or rational for this.

Excerpt: In 2012 an Apple executive protested, “We shouldn’t be criticized for using Chinese workers. The U.S. has stopped producing people with the skills we need.”

My reply: If Apple, other corporations and CEOs paid a percentage of taxes equal to what wage earners pay, public education would be adequately funded for training those workers. In addition, infrastructure could properly repaired and maintained causing normal employment.

With respect to Edward Snowden, are the Obama administration’s strings being pulled by the US corporate masters? If, perchance, President Obama did refuse to do their bidding, would he would receive the same as JFK?

“Kennedy signed Executive Order NASAM 263 on November 14th (9 days before the assassination) – calling for removal of troops/advisors from Viet Nam. ” Source:

Privatization of prisons is wrong. Privatization of prisons makes as much moral sense as privatization of the police force, privatization of the fire department or privatization of the armed forces.