Professional Sports Success is due to its extreme Socialist mode of operation

That is–to the least is given the best. The poorest ranked teams (the least) at the end of the season are given the earliest (the best) draft choices for the coming season. This is in reality, a safety net, for the least among the teams to have the opportunity to be strong again. Why is this so necessary for the poorest here in this case but not for the poor in society as a whole. This corporate-owned capitalist enterprise is made strong and successful due this “leveling of the playing field.” Hear! Hear! You Ayn Rand worshipers–you financial Darwinists.

It is even Marxist in practice–“From each according to his ability to each according to his need.”
From each able and successful franchise will be taken the right to early and best draft picks, and in turn, given to each needy franchise, the early and best draft picks. The lower the ranking the better the draft pick!