Excerpt: For decades, the N.S.A. relied on its own computer scientists, cryptographers and mathematicians to tap, decode and analyze communications as they traversed phone lines and satellite networks. By the 1990s, however, advances in personal computing, the growth of the Internet, the advent of cellphones and the shift in telecommunications to high-speed fiber-optic lines has made it difficult for the N.S.A. to keep up.

Answer: Simple. Instead of contracting out, just add staff to the NSA. This is a no-brainer.



“The banking industry earned $40.3 billion in the first quarter, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. said Wednesday. That’s the highest ever for a single quarter and up 15.8 percent from the first quarter of 2012, when the industry’s profits were $34.8 billion.”

US banks are earning at a yearly rate of $161.2 billion.

$1091.5 total personal income tax revenue 2012.

Personal income taxes could be lowered by 14.8% if all banking was by a publicly owned national banking system, as recommended by this organization—http://publicbankinginstitute.org/. If bank CEO salaries and perks would be returned to about 40 times the average worker’s salary, it could be a much higher percentage.

Dimon $23.1 billion
Stumph $19.8 billion
Fairbanks $18.7 billion
Pandit $14.1 billion

A few random thoughts re the North American voter:
The selfish, informed voter votes Republican or Conservative.
The selfish, uninformed voter votes Republican or Conservative persuaded by corporate media.
The unselfish, informed voter votes Democrat, Liberal or NDP.
The unselfish, uninformed voter is likely to vote Republican or Conservative persuaded by corporate media.

As long as the US has 900 military bases around the world, as long as it keeps interfering in the internal affairs of other countries, as long as US corporations are protected by the US military—in short maintaining and expanding American Empire—the US will have al Qaeda and other terrorist threats and actions against it. As a result, it will need to continue to dispense with private security and continue to spy on its citizens.

Corporate tax avoidance and off-shoring solution.
Stop all corporate taxes and replace it with a steep progressive tax on ALL personal income equally–investment as well as salary income. Tax all financial assets as is done on property. Tax all financial transactions above a certain number per year–the FTT– say, at .025%.

An equal opportunity society starts with the children; and it is only government that can make that happen. The child of a poor parent must have the same opportunity as the child of a rich parent to a degree that is reasonable, relative to the taxable wealth of the nation as a whole. Can anyone of wealth inside a given society or nation, in good conscience, say that a child that is without a good home, without adequate nutrition, without good health care, without the opportunity of learning opportunities equal to the wealthy is, himself or herself at fault?

Also, an equal opportunity society ends with the old. Did that person have the opportunity through out his or her working years, the opportunity to have a job or profession that paid a wage that provided for self and family with the living and learning environment described heretofore. And have an adequate retirement income without having to be expert in financial matters due to a required contribution to a social-security program that was provided by the government. A contribution, by the way, that had no income cap.

The government, in addition to providing a healthy climate for goods and services inventiveness and productivity, its role also, is to create and adequately fund an intellectual and physical infrastructure that provides that—the child of poor or middle class parent(s) has an opportunity at upward mobility equal to a child of rich parent(s). This will be accomplished by adequate funding of public schools, extending the school day and removing the assignment of homework, providing adequate numbers of teaching staff, providing a quality school lunch program. The taxation structure–income and all other taxes and fees–must provide for a) access to good nutrition, b) access to adequate housing, c) access to free, quality health care and d) equal access to advanced education to every primary and secondary school graduate that desires it.

“A society good for children will be good for everyone.” From Guerrillas of Peace by Blas Bonepane

Stop talking about cutting school budgets, Social Security benefits, Medicare, Veteran’s pensions. Stop cutting subsidies to transit systems, to foreign aid. Stop cutting unemployment benefits. Stop it all. There can not be any justification for budget cutting while wealthy criminals, corrupt politicians and business executives are hiding what reportedly totals between $29 trillion and $32 trillion in offshore tax havens.